“Why Libertarians Are NH’s Most Active Lawmakers”

The title is from Fergus Cullen’s latest editorial in the New Hampshire Union-Leader. Here’s a taste:

A dilemma for conservatives is that to advance the cause of limited government, some of them have to join government and pass laws. Ironically, the most active state legislators come from the libertarian wing of the Republican Party.

Rep. J.R. Hoell, R-Dunbarton, who was on Ron Paul’s New Hampshire delegate list last year, has filed 21 legislative service requests, or proposals for new laws, more than any other state legislator. Rep. Dan Itse, R-Fremont, a six-term legislator well known for his literal interpretation of the Constitution, is second with 19. Rep. George Lambert, R-Litchfield, another Ron Paul supporter, submitted 17 LSRs, tying him for third with Manchester Rep. Tim O’Flaherty, the most active Democratic bill filer. Privacy watchdog Neal Kurk, R-Weare, is fifth with 13 new bills. Reps. Dan and Carol McGuire, R-Epsom, who are members of the Free State project, combined for 14 proposed bills.

For more, go here.

4 thoughts on ““Why Libertarians Are NH’s Most Active Lawmakers”

  1. I was speaking to an NH libertarian on the Boston Common one year at the annual Freedom Rally and he put it thusly, “Winning is addictive.”

    Intensity and fervor, although hard to measure, are important and often decisive ingredients in political action

      1. I suspect that jargon is enervating. Yeah, I know, we’ll ALL be better off if we don’t do what’s only in our narrow self-interest. (For heaven’s sake, don’t let the dishes pile up in the sink!)

        But I think that igniting passion in the hearts of many requires a little more poetry than Mancur Olson could muster. 😉

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