How’d the Libyan Intervention Go?

At least according to the New York Times, not so well:

Libya has collapsed into the control of a patchwork of militias since the ouster of the Qaddafi government in 2011.


Since the overthrow of Colonel Qaddafi, Tripoli has slid steadily into lawlessness, with no strong central government or police presence. It has become a safe haven for militants seeking to avoid detection elsewhere, and United States government officials, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss confidential information, have acknowledged in recent months that Abu Anas and other wanted terrorists had been seen moving freely around the capital.

I’m shocked, shocked to see the Obama administration’s policies backfire.  This is what happens when the do-gooders and revolutionaries, rather than realists, get to drive.  Keep this in mind since those folks never seem to get too far from the wheel.  And we are the wacko birds?

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