Negotiation 101

I find this quote rather revealing: 

“We have to get something out of this. And I don’t know what that even is.” Rep. Marlin Stutzman (R-Ind.)

 Perhaps Rep. Stutzman could benefit from the advice of the Stanford Business School. The first pitfall to avoid in negotiation:

1. Poor Planning: Successful negotiators make detailed plans. They know their priorities — and alternatives — should they fail to reach an agreement. You must know your bottom line, your walkaway point. In addition, you need to understand time constraints and know whether this is the only time you will see your opponents in negotiation.

As things stand, one side refuses to negotiate and the other side has no idea what it would want to get out of a negotiation.  This remains a fascinating situation.

2 thoughts on “Negotiation 101

  1. Extremely fascinating. I participate in and do a lot of negotiating in my work and am amazed at the weak performance by the parties to this one. The Republicans clearly did not establish what they wanted and how they planned to get it. It has been interesting to see Obama’s performance; he is a terrible negotiator and the worst sort to have to deal with because he is given to emotional outbursts and petulant actions.

  2. Before hearing about this quote a few days ago, I thought that the GOP bottom line was a 1-year delay in the implementation of the individual mandate. (I guess the implied expectation was that after a year, it would be to unpopular to install and there would’ve been GOP congressional gains.)

    Honestly, if I were a Dem, that quote would be more energizing than anything any of my opponents could’ve ever said.

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