A Real Abstract or a Parody of One?

A real abstract from an article in a new journal on critical security studies: We offer a provocation – that we should stop appending ‘Critical’ to ‘Security Studies’.  Critical security as an academically and politically contested terrain is no longer productive of emancipatory alternatives. In making this claim, we seek to reflect upon the underlying dynamics … Continue reading A Real Abstract or a Parody of One?

Is Decentralization Overrated?

I recently read Daniel Treisman's brilliant book, The Architecture of Government: Rethinking Political Decentralization. This book is particularly important for classical liberals who defend decentralization as an important institutional reform for promoting and protecting individual freedom. Treisman's thesis is essentially that decentralization is overrated. He doesn't argue that decentralization generally has bad consequences, even under … Continue reading Is Decentralization Overrated?

Time for a Speech on the Affordable Care Act?

On Tuesday, President Obama devoted 16 minutes to making the case for some unspecified action in Syria under conditions yet to be determined. After seeing the new CNN/ORC poll, one wonders whether it is time for a speech on the merits of the Affordable Care Act.  According to the poll (conducted September 6-8), 6 percent … Continue reading Time for a Speech on the Affordable Care Act?

Chemical Weapons

They were at the heart of President Obama’s speech last night. Sheldon Richman (Reason) has written a piece that places the US position on chemical weapons in broader context. Unfortunately, US policy and practice has not been nearly as consistent as the President suggests. Moreover, although the US made a commitment under the Chemical Weapons … Continue reading Chemical Weapons

The Latest from New Hampshire and the FSP

Will May has done some really interesting analysis of roll-call voting in the New Hampshire legislature. Recently he did an analysis of where Free Stater legislators fall on the left-right spectrum as revealed by W-NOMINATE data (this procedure places legislators on a dimension of votes as revealed by correlations in voting behavior, not an "objective" … Continue reading The Latest from New Hampshire and the FSP