Monday Links

The weekend is over and a new week begins. Here are a few links to fill those empty hours in the office:

For those who continue to dismiss Carter’s leadership in times of crisis, here is a story of one of his successful campaigns against an invading force (complete with body counts).

Obama to visit Ford plant to highlight industry turnaround. Interesting choice, given that Ford refused to participate in the bailout (even if it may have benefitted, according to the Car Czar Steve Rattner)

The resolution on the Affordable Care Act passed by the AFL-CIO is quite critical of Obamacare. The good news for the administration: things could have been far worse absent White House Intervention.

Meanwhile, Harry Reid and Barbara Boxer float draft legislation that would ban senators for receiving government contributions for their health insurance cost if there is “probable cause” they solicited prostitutes. Senator David Vitter is not amused.

Larry Summers withdraws consideration as next Fed Chair. The markets rally. As for the next Fed Chair, Donald Trump and Elizabeth Warren share the same preference.

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