Journalists R us

Chris Matthews of MSNBC was defending his network against the idea that they are in bed with the Obama Administration:

Well, he agrees with us, and we agree with him sometimes.

One might riff on that quote in any number of directions.  I think the most interesting word there is “us.”  All people, including journalists, have political opinions that one might agree or disagree with.  And it is no secret (lots of surveys tell us this) that journalists are more to the left than the average American.

But what Matthews is saying suggests a strong group think, one that is coordinated, shared and enforced.  If Obama agrees with us, then we must have a unitary opinion on all things political.  I mean, it isn’t logically possible to agree with a group of people unless they all believe the same thing, is it?

Of course this is nothing but completely obvious.  It is just unusual for the most recognized voice in the MSNBC one-note choir to come out and say, “we are not even pretending to be a news organization.”


One thought on “Journalists R us

  1. Chris Mathews,who is a self confessed socialist, and most of the Main Stream Media,who share his views,are only protecting the progress and growth of collectivism in America. This progress and growth,in their minds,is the protection and defending of the power of the state. As any objective and critical thinker can see that without the growth,size,taxing power and virtually unlimited regulatory power of the state the collectivist progressive(socialist) ideal world of people like Chris Mathews could not be achieved or maintained. Its all about power. Power over other people. And with that power comes the control of an individuals property rights and control of the fruits of people’s labor. Therefore the Chris Mathews of the modern Main Stream Media become cheerleaders and excuse makers for politicians like Mr.Obama who are prone to grow and expand government power over its citizens. Chris Mathews doesn’t want to have the growth of collectivism in America slowed let alone reversed. So Chris Mathews and his ilk will do all they can do smear and destroy anyone who stands in the way of Chris Mathew’s world view. A world view that is shared by the elitist and globalist owners of MSNBC.

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