There’s Nothing Wrong with Detroit That a Mailed Fist Couldn’t Solve

So says the normally level-headed Matt Yglesias:

This raises “really tricky legal-type questions” about the permissible scope of eminent domain law, but a fully empowered mayor could get the job done. Detroit famously can’t get 40 percent of its traffic lights to work, and its 58-minute 911 response time for major crimes is abysmal. Abandoning whole areas of the city and forcibly relocating families into currently vacant structures closer to the core would be a drastic step, but in a way, it wouldn’t be so different from a normal eminent domain process to build critical infrastructure. In this case, rather than creating new services, it would allow Detroit to provide much better services to a new, smaller city. And with over 20 percent of the existing housing units in the city vacant, it would be feasible to rehouse a large number of people.

Why, those cretins living in Detroit don’t even know enough to live close to services! God, how stupid. Fortunately, we DC-based bloggers know better. They must be “forcibly” shown the error of their ways.

Here’s a better idea: Why not decentralize Detroit and let neighborhoods take care of their own services? Not only is it likely to be more efficient than a centrally planned, new city, but it’s also consistent with, shall we say, basic human rights?

3 thoughts on “There’s Nothing Wrong with Detroit That a Mailed Fist Couldn’t Solve

  1. The citizens’ ability to do something for themselves has completely atrophied after decades of dependence. That’s the beauty of socialism. First, it disempowers you, then it abandons you when you’re no longer capable of functioning without it.

  2. Why not abolish “Detroit”? Dis-incorporate the city releasing the neighborhoods to do as they please, for their own purposes and benefit. What is the source of this fascination with perpetuating the notion of a city given that it has ceased to function?

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