Reason on the Free State Project – Achieving Liberty in Our Lifetime, One Step at a Time

Pileus blogger Jason Sorens is the founder of the Free State Project.   Thus our regular readers may be interested in hearing about the progress of his baby in this article in the June edition of Reason magazine.  Like libertarian academics before him such as Milton Friedman, Sorens is both an idealist and a realist – which is part of the reason for the FSP’s success.  Sorens talks about that in this nice section of the Reason piece:

Sorens thinks the project’s success stems partly from its modest approach. “The whole point behind the FSP was to avoid utopianism,” he says. Rather than trying to “build this new society,” he says, Free Staters “opted instead for incrementalism, making small but noticeable, meaningful changes.” Building an entire new world requires a massive investment before anybody sees results, big or small. The Free State Project already has won victories without spending much money or ripping up social architecture.

At a recent Porcfest (a summer gathering of Free Staters and fellow travelers), it was fun to see our friend and colleague treated like a rock star.  May the legend – and the FSP – grow!

4 thoughts on “Reason on the Free State Project – Achieving Liberty in Our Lifetime, One Step at a Time

  1. I always feel like New Hampshire is just on the verge of being taken over by these people.

    How do I maintain this illusion? By scrupulously avoiding the evidence of my senses!

  2. Seriously, though, the Free State Project is inspiring. Seeing libertarians make a difference is a welcome change.

  3. There are those in New England that refer to New Hampshire as the “South of the North”. This is a pejorative characterization. But, then, I happen to live in the greater Boston area and so am considered a “Masshole” by my fellow New Englanders.

    In any case, learning about and understanding the FSP is inspirational. I think the FSPers can take the anger and public protestations from the establishment as an acknowledgement of the budding success of the project. Well done!

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