Monday Morning Reading

Grading time is here, but these pieces/stories might provide some helpful between-papers distraction:

1.  More violence in Iraq.  According to CNN, “At least 25 people were killed and 69 others were wounded in five car bombings in Iraq on Monday.”

2.  Friend of Pileus Damon Linker finds a Christian message in Terrence Malick’s “To the Wonder.”  Apparently everyone else in the movie crit biz missed it – which isn’t surprising considering how illiterate so many American elites are (including Christians!) about religion.  This was a real problem when I was teaching ethics at an elite northeastern SLAC and tried to discuss the Christian pacifist tradition.  The students had no ability to critically engage the arguments in the reading on the many sides of that issue.  It was a very depressing teaching experience.  Whether one is a believer, a deist, an agnostic, an atheist or otherwise, it is impossible to deny that religion is an important force in the world and liberally educated students should know a bit about the major traditions.

3.  On Rand Paul’s alleged 180 on drones

4.  O. Henry’s fictional “A Newspaper Story” might be a good medium through which to teach the difference between correlation and causation if the usual ways aren’t working or you want to try something new and different.  A three page short-story (in my edition), it is a fun but quick read.  See here.

5.  And don’t forget, it is playoff beard time.  Is there any doubt that Lanny McDonald had the best one of all-time?  Here’s hoping that Tyler Seguin has an excuse to prove he can even grow one!

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