The Value of Living Well

My book, The Value of Living Well, now exists in physical form, for those who are interested. It looks like Oxford plans to ship next month, but it can be ordered now from Amazon. It is a work in contemporary ethical theory: I try to flesh out a view of the nature of practical rationality (in particular, norms for successful practical rationality, or practical wisdom), conjointly with an account of living well. This I take it is the structure of ancient eudaimonist theories, such as Aristotle’s. But Aristotle wasn’t worried about a lot of the things we are, after two millennia of philosophical ethics. So I give it a shot. There are lots of words, so some are probably true! Oxford may not get it out in time for Mother’s Day (more’s the pity), but it will be just in time for Father’s Day and lots of graduation days! Buy all you like! — OUP will print more.

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