FBI Trying to Infiltrate Keene, New Hampshire

The Keene Activity Center (KAC) is a place where (mostly) young libertarians and anarchists in Keene, New Hampshire congregate to talk philosophy, plan activism (including civil disobedience), and generally relax and socialize. Apparently the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been trying very, very hard to infiltrate the KAC, judging from this account of the arrest of one of the club’s members, Rich Paul, on marijuana charges.

Paul is going on trial for petty marijuana distribution offenses pursuant to testimony by an undercover FBI informant. It looks as if the trial is on state charges, but what’s interesting and disturbing is the interest the federal government has taken in the case. FBI agent Phillip Christiana apparently tried to pressure Paul into wearing a wire into the KAC and luring people into pot transactions, offering him immunity from prosecution in exchange. Follow the link to read more about how the FBI agent tried to coerce and trick Paul into waiving his right to counsel.

Here are some questions the FBI ought to answer, that is, if they were in any way accountable to those of us who are paying their salaries under duress:

  1. Why is the FBI taking such a keen interest in these small-scale marijuana offenses?
  2. Is the FBI targeting Keene libertarians, anarchists, and “voluntaryists” for their political views?
  3. Does the FBI countenance or authorize the deceptive and coercive interrogation tactics reportedly used by this agent?

I’m hoping Paul finds himself a good lawyer and negotiates a good plea bargain. His trial starts April 16th, though, so time is short. The local activists seem to be aiming for jury nullification. They shouldn’t bet the house on that. The prosecutor will paint Paul as a big-time drug dealer and scary anarchist.

36 thoughts on “FBI Trying to Infiltrate Keene, New Hampshire

  1. Don’t you feel so safe now that this dangerous criminal is off the street?

    Law enforcement priorities are so screwed up right now.

  2. Tell him to make a special appearance, as opposed to a general appearance, for the purpose of demanding that the court dismiss all charges against him, with prejudice, unless the court can produce evidence that he has entered into a contract to do business with the court. He should do this after refusing to answer any of the judges’ questions such as “Please state your name,” “do you understand the charges,” and “how do you plead?” Since courts are corporations, and operate under the laws of contract, his refusal to answer the questions means that the court has not been surreptitiously granted jurisdiction, and cannot legally proceed against him. In that case, the court is required by law to dismiss all charges against the defendant.

    He could also ask if there is evidence of a complaining party, meaning a living, breathing human being, and NOT a “state,” which is an abstract concept. A “state” cannot have legal standing to proceed against anybody.

    1. Big M

      This all sounds great, and I agree with you in principle. In reality though, I think if you tried this in any court in my State you’d be held in contempt and probably face some kind of additional (albeit bogus) charges.

      1. Ah yes, the King Charles I defense. It has failed so universally that by the sheer laws of math it’s practically guaranteed to work this time!

      2. Jury nullification is the best hope for Mr. Paul

        The comments of Malcolm Kyle here (in the comment thread) are highly informative.

    2. It might be pertinent to demand to face his accuser as well, a right recognized by the 6th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Being that the accuser is a corporation unrecognized as a person, he should demand that the charges be dropped.

  3. Remember that NH has jury nullfication guranteed as a right so a good lawyer will use that to get the Jury to hang or otherwise find him not guilty.

    1. Then it’s not working too well … you would be amazed how many people stop talking to you on general principal when you announce that you have been arrested and asked to rat, even if you turned it down.

  4. The FBI runs on a budget of $8.2 billion (2013) and there are something like 16,000 informants on the payroll. It’s just commerce run by pirates and privateers considering most of the government has been privatized. Think of this as a large bowling alley and the FBI sets the pins up so they can knock them down.

    Privatization took over under the Civil Service Reform Act of 1979 and all FBU agents in leadership positions are vetted by the Senior Executive Service (SES).

      1. The FBI’s Division Five was set up by the British agent Louis M. Bloomfield. The FBI is run by the Senior Executive Service (SES) which is effectively under British control through interconnected corporations. This is why J. Edgar Hoover did not want British intelligence operating in the United States.

  5. Thank you for picking up my story! It is very important to spread this through the Liberty Community, both as a warning and to help rally support! Anybody who wants to help or keep in touched is also encouraged to like my organization, the 4:20 Foundation, which is engaged in attempting to legalize marijuana in New Hampshire through Civil Disobedience and Jury Nullification. Links you might like:


  6. Or a person could recognize that even one conviction on one minor charge does major damage to the cause, and therefore abstain until marijuana has been decriminalized.

    Either that or blame Britain.

  7. I do not believe that convictions harm the cause. At worst, you lose an activist. Maybe just for a while. But if he promotes his case, he can become a rallying cry, like Mark Emery.

  8. The FBI & Philip Christiana’s perverse tactics can not stop the tide from coming in upon them. The machine men with machine minds, these brutes, federal gang members to speak quite literary, will fail . The fed gang lack the passion, the extreme and realized persecution of the poor, indegent and oppressed that these honorable liberators who liberate lovingly and peacefully act on daily. The misunderstood decentralized nature and the vast roots that have been fertilized by the local community as well as the full awareness that New Hampshirites vastly and overwhelmingly share, of the sickness and deceptive nature if these greedy, power hungry types and the well exposed tactics of the feds… you may get some of us, but we know who you are, we are not afraid of you… your evil can not last in New Hampshire. Good is on the side of the people. Flee New Hampshire federal thugs. Massachusetts is not far and will likely embrace your fear mongering and oppressive tactics. Please leave now before you have to live with yourselves any longer, or else join humanity. You will be and are forgiven. Awaken from your apathetic natures, your deceitful ways, release yourselves from the tyranny that you have been and remain blindly in bondage to. Free yourself. Stop the pain. Start to sew good seeds in life. It still may not be too late, but time sure is drawing near. Freedom and liberty will triumph and history will shame you otherwise. 1930’s East Block Berlin never again… never again.

  9. The FBI is an unaccountable criminal terrorist organization:

    The FBI shot Vicky Weaver in the head while holding her baby at Ruby Ridge , their hit team chopped the hands and feet off of Gordon Kahl (while he was still
    alive), they participated in burning children to death at Waco, they threatened to kill police investigators families after the OK City bombing, and they tortured and murdered Kenneth Trentadue after the OK city bombing.

    ** And these terrorists are the people that decide if Americans can arm themselves. What is wrong with this picture?

    Check these facts they are ALL true





  10. The FBI has persecuted American citizens for their beliefs from the very inception of the agency. Hoover called the Civil Rights movement “communist” as justification for infiltration and persecution by the FBI. Treating any form of dissent as a existential threat to the status quo of the Leviathan State, they come across as the ex-KGB who at least had the honesty not to wrap a national flag around their tactics. The egregious Patriot Act gives them the blessing of our Congress to expand the meaning of the word “terrorist” and thus legitimately pursue, prosecute and imprison anyone exercising their First Amendment Rights.

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