Chávez, RIP

You can read Amnesty International’s postings on human rights violations in Venezuela here.  Or you can simply read the NYT for Rory Carroll’s conclusion:

Mr. Chávez, in the final analysis, was an awful manager.

Actually, the piece provides an interesting overview of Chávez, the “boligarchs,” and his 14-year experiment.  Carroll reports:“by 2011 you could see graffiti with the slogan ‘bajo el gobierno, viva Chávez’— ‘down with the government, long live Chávez.’” Now that Chávez is gone, el gobierno remains.  Doesn’t it always.


One thought on “Chávez, RIP

  1. I wish peace for the many innocent people who believed in him, were conned by him, or were brutalized in one way or another by his despotism. For him, not so much.

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