4 thoughts on “The PhD Bust: America’s Awful Market for Young Scientists

  1. Thank you for the data link. I really enjoyed Paula Stephen’s book: How economics shapes science.

    As a faculty member at a school that has publicly stated its intent to more than double the size of its Engineering program, I find this very disturbing. There is a fixed (declining in real terms) amount of federal research money, PhD students are finding good placements, and we want to expand for expansion’s sake.

    I think the academe’s abuse of our graduate students is a moral blight on our profession.

    1. I have to agree, sadly. At my institution, the university leadership has put immense pressure on Arts & Sciences departments to admit essentially every applicant to a terminal Master’s program. These students don’t receive funding but do pay tuition. Of course, they also clog up graduate-level courses in which we are supposed to be training doctoral students. Hard to teach smart, striving PhD students and bottom of the barrel new BAs in the same class.

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