New Hampshire Supports Legalizing Marijuana

An interesting new poll from Public Policy Polling shows strong support for marijuana reform in New Hampshire:

For legalization (taxing and regulating marijuana like alcohol, with licensed stores): 53%. Opposed: 37%.
For decriminalization (replacing criminal penalties for possession of less than an ounce with a fine): 62%. Opposed: 27%.
For medical marijuana (allowing seriously or terminally ill patients to use marijuana if their doctors recommend it): 68%. Opposed: 26%.

4 thoughts on “New Hampshire Supports Legalizing Marijuana

  1. I can imagine the legalization option being very attractive to State House Dems who want to find revenue sources for spending increases. Would you trade legalization with taxes for higher education and social spending? Not sure that is a good deal and freedom optimizing.

    1. I’ve said too little (or too much!) above. Yes, I think marijuana legalization with high taxes is better than the current regime. However, I worry about the second-order impacts of spending even when “paid” for by taxes. The higher ed market is distorted by government funding (not always in bad ways, btw) and social programs might actually cause more problems than they solve – or create other problems (for example, they can increase dependency, reduce initiative, create more vested interests within government and constituencies outside, etc).

      Plus it prevents a more optimal policy outcome – it being treated more like cigarettes than alcohol.

      1. Perhaps, but there are other considerations too… A decline in corrections spending might cancel out any increase in health & education spending. Crime rates might fall, and with them spending on police and security. Of course, many of the positive externalities of legalization will be captured by other jurisdictions.

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