*Towards a Worldwide Index of Human Freedom* (Fred McMahon, ed.)

That’s the title of a new book from America’s Cato Institute, Canada’s Fraser Institute, and Germany’s Liberales Institut, which aims to create an index of personal freedom around the world. This is a welcome addition to the Fraser Institute’s Index of Economic Freedom, and I dare suspect that William Ruger’s and my personal and economic freedom index of the American states, published by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, might have something to do with inspiring it. I haven’t read the new study yet but look forward to doing so.

HT: Pete Jaworski

4 thoughts on “*Towards a Worldwide Index of Human Freedom* (Fred McMahon, ed.)

  1. With all due respect, the human freedom index was not inspired by the Mercatus Center work. It was inspired by a desire to expand Fraser’s work on economic freedom. The Mercator index was not refered to as it played no role in building the index. I confess to being disturbed by the unsupported speculation and response.

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