Our Enemy, Jason Sorens

Again with apologies to Nock, but the Cynthia Chase tempest has now yielded this awesome phrase: “Sorens-ian intentions of political domination.”  Yes, I repeat: “Sorens-ian intentions of political domination.”

The Fosters Daily Democrat, a Dover, New Hampshire paper, editorialized today in defense of Chase and against the Free State Project.  In the process, it singled out our fellow blogger Jason with some serious scorn.  Indeed, it presents Jason as a kind of evil subversive force.  Here is an overwrought portion of an overwrought editorial:

Do we have problems? Sure. Has the Legislature gone overboard at times — both to the left and to right? Absolutely. But that is democracy. Unfortunately, the Free State Movement came to New Hampshire with the stated intent of taking over our way of life — a way of life the vast majority of us believe is pretty darn good.

And even though Sorens made his intentions clear from the get-go, the Free State Movement has gone about its work in a surreptitious manner.

Free Staters are more libertarian then they are conservative or Republican. Yet, their chosen road to Concord and legislative chambers has been through the Republican Party, not the existing Libertarian movement. This allowed Free Staters to often run for office without have to clearly state their Sorens-ian intentions of political domination. It also wrongly has brought brand-named conservatives to their defense.

Heavens forbid that a group of people – many of whom have lived in the state longer than Cynthia Chase – might want to exercise their vote (“that is democracy,” isn’t it?) to better protect the freedoms that the state license plate cries out as being so valuable it is better to die for them than to surrender.  And isn’t it terrible that many of these people do so through the vehicle of a Republican Party that is in great need of new blood and greater enthusiasm for the liberties held dear by the oldest patriots of the Granite State.

7 thoughts on “Our Enemy, Jason Sorens

  1. A modest proposal for NH to get the FSP to go somewhere else:

    1) Ban gay marriage

    2) Make marijuana possession a criminal offense, with zero-tolerance for small quantities or medical exceptions, and mandatory minimum sentences of at least 10 years imprisonment.

    3) License gun ownership, and ban carrying guns outside the home. Also ban machineguns, magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds, and semi-auto rifles that can accept detachable magazines. Require a special permit to buy or possess ammo (or reloading equipment/supplies), to be issued only at the discretion of the state government.

    4) Pass a 10% income tax, and a 10% sales tax.

    5) Pass seat belt laws for adults

    6) Install red-light cameras at every intersection with a red light

    7) Grant all government employees pensions worth at least 50% of their last year’s salary for life, including any overtime, disability, and/or hazardous duty pay they may receive in their last year.

    8) Make unionization of government employees a guaranteed right under the state constitution.

    I can guarantee that if NH does all of the above, everyone in the Free State Project will leave. As will much of the rest of the population.

      1. A lot like California, but CA has only misdemeanors for minor pot possession, gay marriage ban struck down in Federal court, & a less extreme gun regulation regime. I borrowed some of that from NY. 🙂

  2. It seems to me Jason Sorens and his FSP brethren are having some success and so making a few people, such as Cynthia Chase and the editorialists at Fosters Daily Democrat, a bit nervous.

    Nicely done!

  3. Who wrote that editorial? A high school student? It is full of obvious errors of logic, not to mention grammar and typographical errors. It is the kind of fatuousness one expects from an overwrought adolescent who believes he is a lot smarter than he in fact is.

  4. The libertarian academics and other intellectuals frequenting this site, including Mr. Sorens, ultimately know so very little about New Hampshire, – the state where the grand Free State Project experiment is underway.

    You will see, over time, that the people of NH, with good brains, and good hearts, will ultimately discard you and your narcissistic ideology.

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