A new level of creepy

Just when you thought the Obama as Cult Figure movement couldn’t get any creepier, the Obama campaign releases a new ad with Lena Dunham talking about how special the “first time” should be.  [No, I’m not going to provide a link].

Essentially the ad is saying that voting for Obama is a sexual experience.  (And that “your first time should be with a guy who cares…whether you get birth control.”)

Yes, we live in a hyper-sexualized age with little sense of public shame or decency left.  Sure, one might expect some  comedian in a night club to do this kind of provacative routine.  But, even today, it is sort of shocking to see this kind of sexual innuendo as part of a presidential campaign.

Much less actually distributed by the President of the United States.

The Obamas seem to be quite protective of their daughters.  Now the President has produced an ad that I would doubt they would even let their girls watch.

This is how we pick the leader of the free world?



Sure, so

3 thoughts on “A new level of creepy

  1. I say this with no hyperbole that the Obama campaign has produced the creepiest campaign lit/videos/etc of any campaign. As Reason has highlighted, they had the “I’m ready to be a servant” video back in 2008, and then so many like the one you mention during the current cycle. Do the people involved with these things (like Demi Moore) really think about what they are saying?

    1. Wow! It is so over-the-top one could think that this was a SNL skit rather than a real ad — but it isn’t! I have issues with Republicans but geez this administration and its supporters are taking campaign creepiness to a new level. I guess the tone of his much-touted Denver 2008 speech should have warned us — the talk of Obama by Obama making the oceans stop rising, etc.

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