Liberty Fund Video

Liberty Fund has historically talked softly but carried a very, very large intellectual stick.  With its growing web presence, Liberty Fund has become much more publicly visible over the last decade.  It now has great online content at the Online Library of Liberty, The Library of Economics and Liberty, and its newer Library of Law and Liberty, not to mention its wonderful EconLog economics blog.  Of course, Liberty Fund is probably most known for its handsome, top-shelf publications as well as its academic conferences (which are really the model for small-group, serious intellectual discussion).  

Here is another example of Liberty Fund’s greater visibility to the wider world, a Reason profile with Liberty Fund President Chris Talley:

Disclosure: I’ve participated in many Liberty Fund conferences and that institution has been very good to me over the years.  Nonetheless, I think most academics who have been touched by the Liberty Fund through its books, conferences, websites, or employees would echo my positive opinion of this great American institution.

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