Romney Speech

I wonder if Romney and his campaign advisors looked at the very small group of undecided voters and wrote the speech to appeal to them.  Otherwise, I don’t get this speech.  If what I said is true, it suggests that the campaign assumes that the undecideds at this point are pretty clueless folks who don’t vote on policy preferences, ideology, or anything appearing to be a good reason to choose one man over another to lead the country.  Instead, they vote on sensibility or gut instinct and the Romney team didn’t want to offend them.  Therefore, Romney aimed to make them feel slightly warmer about his candidacy rather than potentially offended by something specific or with depth – or a passionate defense of a particular worldview.

Like I said – otherwise, this speech made little sense.  It was a little NBC Olympic bio, lines cobbled together from Reagan, some stump speech stuff about his opponent, and then some Peggy Noonan-style rhetoric that just doesn’t seem appropriate for our difficult times.

I guess one could also assume that the campaign people understand the electorate better than I do and the undecideds want something different than a policy wonk with strong preferences like myself would.  This may mean, a la Bryan Caplan, that the marginal voters who are going to decide this 50/50 elections are not exactly the people we’d like to be selecting the President – but select they will.   For those who want to see Obama retired, they better hope so.

As I noted last night, Ryan-Paul 2016?  And btw, am I right to think that the Republicans down in Double and Triple-A are much stronger than the Democrats in the minors?  Indeed, that they seem so much stronger than this current generation of Republican politicians (McCain, Romney, etc)?

9 thoughts on “Romney Speech

  1. Unfortunately, I decided to watch it (or rather, have it playing in the background while I got some work done). I’m not really an undecided voter – I will definitely vote for Johnson – but I was undecided as to whether I had any pairwise preference between the incumbent and the challenger. This didn’t help his cause with me.

  2. Who would be undecided at this point? Only those that, as Mr. Cleveland says, “are pretty clueless folks who don’t vote on policy preferences, ideology, or anything appearing to be a good reason to choose one man over another to lead the country”. Thus, Mr. Romney’s speech was well crafted and skillfully delivered.

  3. I was disappointed in the speech – it was very thin and repetitive. I wanted more policy proposals. However, I am not undecided in that I would vote for anyone over Obama (I voted for Obama in 2008) and Obama has not provided any policy and program proposals either – neither did he in 2008, so maybe that’s how people get elected.

    I did think the old couple who talked about their son showed how confident a person Mitt Romney is. Very risky to allow complete amateurs a national stage like that. Ditto the man who served in the church with him whose facial tics could be fodder for Saturday night live.

    Bottom line is I am looking for competence. That’s what the Romney campaign should emphasize, however they do it.

  4. Caplan’s main thesis, which is voter irrationality, is only indirectly connected to the median voter thesis. Although I was initially persuaded by Caplan’s thesis, Jeffrey Friedman convinced me it is wrong. The voters are ignorant, not irrational.
    That goes for many politicians too. We are ruled by an ignorant elite. The voters choose their leaders based on extremely shallow considerations and then these leaders (elites) impose their policy choices upon us.

  5. It Amazes me that people still believe that the Main Stream political process in America will make any positive changes towards the meaningful growth of liberty in the nation and restoration of the strict construction of the Constitution. Three facts stand out. 1. All ten Planks to the Communist Manifesto (albeit in a fascist form) are in place in America. 2.A voting majority of the American population like things just the way they are and have a desire to keep the Welfare State in play. 3.The real power in America isn’t the politicians,judges or bureaucrats who have, by and large, been bought and paid for. The real power is the power behind the curtain; the Elitists and Globalists, who desire a New World Order,One World government controlled by these same elitists. The political parties are different wings of the same collectivist vulture while the basic right/left political paradigm stays the same. In essence in America today we have the scenario of a pile of crap with the American voting population deciding which flies will be allowed to lay their special interest maggots on said pile.

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