Political Scientists – Who Knew They Were So Funny?

With Isaac about to hit New Orleans, political scientists around the world are wondering why God hates political scientists more than Republicans(Henry Farrell), whether they can count their conference papers on their CV’s, and all kinds of other things.  For tweets on all this and more, see the APSA 2012 Twitter site here.

What may surprise you is how funny some of these folks are.  A few examples:

Christopher Zorn@prisonrodeo

I will attend #APSA2012. Then I may give #APSA the death penalty for a few years, for “lack of institutional control.”

Kieran Healy@kjhealy

#APSA2012 Realists insist only the credible threat of force will deflect Isaac. Constructivists question the very idea of bad weather.

David Bosco@multilateralist

With #APSA2012 at risk, FEMA stockpiles old issues of APSR and IO, calls on volunteers to aid neighbors with political analysis.

Burt Monroe@burtmonroe

I can’t see why anyone would go to #APSA2012 who doesn’t have to be there. I can’t think of anyone who has to be there.

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