APSA Update

The annual conference of the American Political Science Association has been cancelled.  I wonder if this will turn out to be the right decision.   As of now, it is fouling up a lot of things but hard to say if going forward would have been completely irresponsible without more data from NOLA and the airlines.

I hate that this probably means that NOLA will never, ever again be the conference site (assuming that the dates don’t change – which is a conversation we should certainly open) – even leaving aside the fact that this conference site had already caused a lot of controversy.

2 thoughts on “APSA Update

  1. Hi there. Thanks for posting on the APSA conference. It is a real pity that the conference has been cancelled. I was so looking forward to it since I had my paper accepted last in the spring. I was also so looking forward to seeing that beautiful city. I flew over from Ireland on Tuesday. But I am now currently stuck in Charlotte, NC, as my flight to New Orleans has been cancelled. Not that being in Charlotte is a bad thing, cool place.

    Despite the conference being cancelled I am still going to try and get to NOLA, by bus if necessary, as a colleague of mine managed to get to the city by flying on Monday. The most important thing is that everyone in NOLA is safe. Best wishes to all.

    1. Yeah, I wish the conference could have gone forward. New Orleans is a wonderful city for such events. Let us know if you get there and what it is like. I have restaurant recommendations if you make it. Good luck.

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