American Political Science Association Annual Meeting Update

For our readers in political science, an update from APSA on the status of its upcoming conference in New Orleans:

Weather Alert: Hurricane Isaac
Updated: August 26, 2012 (5:20pm)

*All Wednesday events CANCELLED (including Short Courses)*

In light of the projected conditions in New Orleans by hurricane Isaac, APSA is cancelling all pre-conference meeting activities on Wednesday, August 29th, including planned short courses. The official meeting will begin on Thursday, August 30, with the understanding that participants unable to attend the meeting due to flight cancellations to New Orleans will be eligible for refunds of their conference registration fees. As we continue to monitor the storm and local conditions, APSA will announce any adjustments to the meeting schedule following the scheduled news conference by Mayor Landrieu midday on Monday.

Most attendees arrive Wednesday and Thursday – so I’m guessing Isaac is going to foul up lots of plans even if it only severely impacts flights.  For the sake of one of my favorite cities in America, let’s hope we aren’t going to see a repeat of Katrina.

UPDATE: So, let’s imagine that APSA gets cancelled.  Will universities pay for non-refundable airline tickets you don’t use and non-refundable hotel rooms you don’t sleep in?  And of course, going to New Orleans won’t help because universities would consider it fraudulent to travel to a conference that doesn’t happen.  I’d like to think common sense will win out here – but we are talking about administrators (“So, you want us to reimburse you for flights you didn’t actually take for a conference that didn’t actually happen?  The [insert name of university policies here] doesn’t allow us to do so.”). 

3 thoughts on “American Political Science Association Annual Meeting Update

  1. I live on Galveston Bay. I share the fears and concerns of everyone in the storm path. I pray that the storm weakens and moves ashore and inland quickly.

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