Happy 100th Birthday Milton Friedman

Today would have been Milton Friedman’s 100th birthday.  Those of us who favor a free society certainly miss his voice in the current debates.  He was one of the most articulate defenders of free markets and limited government.  He hasn’t yet been replaced and the cause of freedom has suffered for it.

7 thoughts on “Happy 100th Birthday Milton Friedman

  1. Congratulations to Milton Friedman. Too bad we can’t say congratulations for the ending of one of Mr.Friedman”s greatest accomplishments. That was the invention of the Withholding Tax back in 1943. Yes it was Milton Friedman,when he worked for the IRS, whose brilliant idea of going into people’s paychecks and making sure that they pay their “fair share” of taxes before they even get to spend their own money. Before that time people had until the following Spring to send in their full extortion all at once to the Federal Government. I guess the government didn’t trust their own citizens to send in their “fair share” payment all at one time. In today’s America could you see the average taxpayer sending in all the thousands they owed at one time? That would probably end the Income Tax in one year. So thanks again Milton for the foresight in making almost every American worker a tax serf.

  2. @libertarian jerry I’m sorry Milton Friedman wasn’t libertarian enough for you. I guess everyone left of Rothbard is undeserving of posthumous, respectful praise for their contributions to the liberty movement.

  3. Winch…….Truth be told,Milton Friedman,despite his liberty sounding TV shows,was a believer in Central Planning,Fiat Currency,The Federal Reserve and top down control of the economy. He was a friend of the Elitists and Globalists behind the scenes. With that said, Milton Friedman couldn’t even stand in Murray Rothbard’s shadow. Mr.Friedman was a Keynesian paper hanger from the get go. Despite his “Free to Choose” blather.

  4. @libertarian jerry I respectfully disagree. First, Chicago school, not Keynesian.

    Second, “friend of elitists?” This is someone who pushed and funded, in part, IJ’s operation for school choice for poor minorities. I needn’t even respond to the other baseless assertion you made about central planning.

    I think many an-caps & Miseans get too held up on the monetarism approach. If his monetary approach was followed, it would be a dramatic departure of the current and past Fed policy. Look, the guy fought for liberty, the end of the draft, opponent of minimum wage, unions, abolition of medical licensing, advocate for school choice. welfare reform (NIT), and drug reform and he made great strides in each! He wasn’t obscure in his arguments, was simple, clear, and concise always with a smile on his face. And don’t forget that at the time, Freidman’s arguments were radical and a departure from current policy. I think he was a great friend of liberty and disagree with you entirely.

  5. Gentlemen…..I refer you to the current (Aug 1,2012) article about Milton Friedman by Gary North on the Lew Rockwell.Com Internet site. This explains,in detail,much of my criticism of Milton Friedman. .Please take a few minutes to read the article. Thanks.

  6. The Christian what? Jason your a character assassin. Please read the article and don’t be a putz.

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