8 thoughts on “Picture of the Day

  1. The legacy of the man on the left has been so improved by the presidency of the man on the right (not to mention that of the man whose portrait was recently unveiled).

  2. Some pictures may be worth a thousand words but the words in this one are infinite! As you say GC, who would have thought back in the year 2000 that Clinton’s successors would so thoroughly rehabilitate and enhance his standing and reputation?

  3. 50 or 100 years from now Mr.Clinton’s legacy,standing and reputation will be remembered by one name….Monica Lewinsky.

    1. You might be right since historians tend to focus on those Presidents who were in office during times of hardship, war, and huge expansions of the federal government. Most Americans probably couldn’t tell you much at all about the “Gilded Age” Presidents. But I’ll take them over Wilson, FDR, Johnson, etc any day! So given that Clinton was in office during a time of economic growth and relative peace (aside from the Balkans, Somalia, and other relatively little things), he might be known for very little as time passes other than being impeached — and thus this will bring in the intern issue. But history’s judgement of that will probably depend on sexual attitudes and social mores about lying under oath about sex.

    1. I’d like to have a President who doesn’t have sex with interns and act like an ass, who doesn’t help massively increase spending and the national debt, and who doesn’t fight unnecessary wars that cost lots of blood and treasure. But as a citizen and taxpayer, if you could only get 2 out of 3, wouldn’t you pick the last two? If so, you are taking Clinton seriously.

      1. I have always felt that Clinton was one of our better Republican Presidents.

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