Will on Forfeiture Abuse

George Will has a good column today on civil asset forfeiture abuse. He highlights an ongoing case in Tewksbury, Mass., where the DOJ and local police department are colluding to seize a motel from the owners because some drug dealers have stayed there in the past. The government is not claiming that the owners knew or even should have known about criminal activity at the motel; they can seize the property anyway, accusing an inanimate object of committing a crime. The Institute for Justice, who put out the recent Policing for Profit report blowing the whistle on ongoing forfeiture abuse around the country, is representing the owners and challenging the forfeiture on both Eighth and 10th Amendment grounds.

4 thoughts on “Will on Forfeiture Abuse

  1. Thank goodness for the Institute for Justice. IJ is on the froutlines in the struggle for economic and civil rights.

  2. This is disgusting. If IJ and the property owners lose, let’s chain ourselves to the property on the day they try to evict them.

    1. There’s some civil disobedience I can get behind! (And probably a lot of other wild-eyed Free Staters from the country to the north…)

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