The Bucket of Warm Spit

FDR’s first Vice President, John Nance “Cactus Jack” Garner, once noted that the office was “not worth a bucket of warm spit” (note: the contents of the bucket vary based on the source). Given his opposition to the court-packing scheme, I will accept his judgment as sound.

The question of who will be selected to carry the bucket is always an interesting one. At present, attention is turning to Mitt Romney. Who should he select? As the Hill reports, two new polls on this question have provided different responses.

CNN/ORC poll provides the following rank order:

  1. Condoleezza Rice: 26 percent
  2. Rick Santorum: 21 percent
  3. Chris Christie: 14 percent
  4. Marco Rubio: 14 percent
  5. Paul Ryan: 8 percent
  6. Bobby Jindal: 5 percent
  7. Bob McDonnell: 1 percent

Quinnipiac only reports two results: Christie (31 percent) and Rubio (24 percent).

Assuming that the vice presidency is worth more than a bucket of warm spit, are there any names that the pollsters have missed that might prove more attractive, particularly to those of us who find so little attractive in the presumptive nominee?

Note: I am not certain that any selection could convince me to participate in the binary.

UPDATE:  Marco Rubio and revealed preferences.

5 thoughts on “The Bucket of Warm Spit

    1. Do you think Rand Paul is ready for the big time? Most certainly, Daniels is ready (but my guess is that he would be more popular than the top of the ticket).

      1. Just as ready as the community organizer….ooops, maybe that isn’t such a good sign 😉

        I’m looking for someone with preferences closer to my own — and there aren’t a lot of current officeholder possibilities out there. So Rand or Daniels.

  1. Choose a running mate that helps you win states you would otherwise lose. That is the only qualification that matters.

  2. Rand Paul would more than likely not team up with such a big government guy like Romney. I saw the Washington Post had Ohio governor John Kasich on their list, and McDonnell of VA was up there, both executives of crucial swing states.

    Romney will go South for his candidate if he’s smart, Obama carried a good deal of the South last time around, Romney will need to soften his New England Liberal/Moderate immage with Southern voters if he expects to win, provided he is even the nominee. Watch Jindal, he was a GOP darling in 2007 and 2008, and was mentioned as a potential Presidential candidate back in 2009 after Obama was innagurated…

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