And so it begins

What to read today as the Supreme Court begins to hear the ObamaCare challenge:

1.   It is a tax except when it isn’t? 

2.  Robert Samuelson on the impact of ObamaCare on health outcomes:  “The ACA’s fate will dramatically affect government and the health care system; the impact on Americans’ health will be far more modest.”

3.  Ilya Somin against ObamaCare at CNN.

One thought on “And so it begins

  1. It is rare that I find myself emotionally invested in the outcome of the vote on a particular piece of federal legislation or, as in this case, a matter before the Supreme Court. But I am invested in this one and anxious for the outcome. I don’t know that the implementation or not of the law will affect me all that much, but this particular law offends me greatly, which I suppose explains my focus on it.

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