Sunday Morning Quotation – Sheep

I commented earlier on the noble stand and relatively sophisticated views (for an athlete) of Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas.  But generally athletes and celebrities have little to add to public debate.  Here (in response to a question about the recent contraception rule controversy) is Danica Patrick espousing a view of government that belies reality and is fit for a nation of sheep rather than free men and women.  However,  it is more typical of what one would expect from a celebrity*:

“I leave it up to the government to make good decisions for Americans.”

Of course it is Thomas who was hammered in the media.  Wouldn’t want to disrespect the government since it is only trying to make good decisions for Americans and all.

* Though to be fair to Patrick – even though her argument is still worth castigating given its silly view of government and how (unfortunately) representative it is of the views of so many people – she wasn’t exactly looking to make a political statement when this reporter asked her such an off-the-wall question for essentially a race media event at the NPC.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Quotation – Sheep

  1. When an athlete from your favorite team agrees with you, it is principle and sophistication, but when an athlete from elsewhere gives a snappy answer not in accord with your thoughts, it is imbecility of the sort that is destroying the country?

  2. No doubt and no argument from me. She would do herself a service were she to answer that way, and perhaps it would be one tiny step toward convincing these journalists not to ask such questions.

    1. Yup, not Michelle Fields’ best moment assuming I’ve got the facts right. But she is young, shows promise, and will hopefully learn that not everything that might appeal to the market is actually worth asking about or showing.

  3. She is both a race car driver and a hot swimsuit model, and you care what she has to say about…politics?

    Some guys will just never be satisfied.

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