Dole and McCain Starting to Look Good by Comparison?

Romney’s Cayman Islands story is sure to play well in Middle America.

And Gingrich’s past is sure to resonate with regular voters too when it plays wall to wall and not just among elites.

Great work Republican Party.  Can someone light the Mitch Signal and tell him to ride in and save Gotham?*  And yes, I know it is far too late for that unless all of these flawed candidates fail to amass enough delegates before the convention. 

* And no, I don’t really believe any individual can save the Republic but surely lots of people wish someone could rescue the Republican Party’s flagging chances at unseating President Obama.  Yes, the big macro variables matter a heck of a lot – but candidate quality can’t be irrelevant?!?  I guess we’ll get a chance to test that hypothesis if the economy is poor and so is the Republican nominee (and no pun intended on the nominee being poor)!

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