Huntsman Out, Rubio In?

Individuals here at Pileus have given Jon Huntsman largely positive reviews as an alternative to the Romgrichorum.  Well, looks like the former Ambassador to China is dropping out of the race according to ABC News

Perry is basically out.  That leaves four left.  And a fourth place finish in South Carolina will usher Santorum to the door.   As I’ve said numerous times (and it wasn’t rocket science figuring this out), Romney is going to be the Republican nominee absent something really strange happening.  To paraphrase George Will, how did we get here? 

So, seems about time for pundits to start thinking about the generals, how Romney is going to deal with Paul and the Paulistas, and who Romney’s VP choice will be.  In terms of the last issue, Marco Rubio will be a very tempting pick for Romney.  He’s from Florida, he’s a darling of the Republican establishment press (hello NR), he’s handsome and young (which will contrast nicely with oldsters Biden or Clinton), and he has what appears to be a great family (his wife – a former Miami Dolphin cheerleader – is gorgeous).  Did I leave anything out?  Ah, yes, he’s also Hispanic.  Unfortunately, he’s a strong neocon on foreign policy (though this still resonates among Republican elites for some reason). 

One way Romney could deal with the Paul problem would be to select Rand – but I have a hard time imaging that right now.  I’ll talk about some of the other possibilities in future posts.

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