Sunday Morning Quotation – In Honor of All the Holiday Football I Don’t Watch Anymore

Bill Simmons has it pretty much right on Drew Brees vs. Dan Marino:

Was it right that I didn’t get excited about Drew Brees’ new passing yards record? It reminds me of Oscar Robertson averaging a triple-double, or any of the Bonds/McGwire home run records; it’s impossible to separate the era from the accomplishment itself. When Dan Marino threw for 5,084 yards in 1984, you were allowed to (a) pummel the QB every chance you had, (b) dive at the QB’s knees as he was throwing the ball, (c) crush any receiver coming over the middle, and (d) jam receivers at the line by any means necessary, even if you had to use a crowbar or a chainsaw. It was impossible to throw for 5,000 yards back then. Only two other 1984 QBs cracked 4,000 yards (Neil Lomax and Phil Simms); nobody else cracked 3,800 yards; and only five guys even attempted 500+ passes (Marino’s 564 was the highest). In 2011? Ten QBs will crack 4,000 yards; six will crack 4,500 yards; two (including Tom Brady) will crack 5,000 yards. Heading into Week 17, ten 2011 QBs have already thrown more than 500+ passes, with Brees leading the way with 622. It’s a totally different game. Heading forward, we’re going to see multiple QBs throw for 5,000 yards every season … right?

4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Quotation – In Honor of All the Holiday Football I Don’t Watch Anymore

  1. Some of my fondest sports moments involved Marino throwing long bombs to Duper and Clayton. So many of the yards that current QB’s get actually consist of mostly RAC’s, not real passing yards. The Monday Night 1985 Bears-Dolphins game was among the best games I can remember. Patriots screwed up a Super Bowl rematch that would have been epic.

  2. I completely agree, Marino was exceptional in his time, Brees, Brady, et al simply are not (which is not to say they are not very, very good). One other factor today is the long bomb pass that the receiver does not catch but for which passing yards are awarded due to a pass interference penalty.

      1. I’m not 100% sure, having heard this on a local sports talk program I have tried to verify it as true but cannot find a definitive answer – though I did not find evidence it is not true.

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