Ron Paul

While the WSJ is attacking Paul's foreign policy (see Grover's post), the NYT has an interesting piece by Timothy Egan entitled “Soldiers’ Choice.” Money quote: This year, Paul has 10 times the individual donations — totaling $113,739 — from the military as does Mitt Romney. And he has a hundred times more than Newt Gingrich, … Continue reading Ron Paul

Wall Street Journal Slams Paul on Foreign Policy

In the contemporary American political scene, "conservative" attacks on those critical of American foreign policy are "dog bites man" kinds of stories since they happen so often and so reflexively on the Right (as we saw last week with National Review).  But this one by Dorothy Rabinowitz is particularly bad and is reminiscent of the kind of nasty attacks that "isolationists" (who … Continue reading Wall Street Journal Slams Paul on Foreign Policy

George Will v. Newt Gingrich George Will is just getting better with age.  Below are some nuggets from his excellent column today skewering Newt Gingrich's recent thoughts on the courts.  I recommend the whole piece.  As we've noted before on Pileus, Gingrich is no consistent friend of liberty.  In a pair-wise comparison, Romney is almost certainly the lesser of two evils … Continue reading George Will v. Newt Gingrich

Give the Gift of Liberty

Last year I recommended giving a donation in a loved one's name to a non-profit institution dedicated to the fight for liberty in lieu of a normal present.  Please consider doing so again since these places rely on donations to help them stay afloat.  All of the following institutions are certainly worthy of your hard-earned money and will spend … Continue reading Give the Gift of Liberty

The Obama Legacy: Framing the Historical Narrative

There has been more than a few groans in response to President Obama’s comments in an interview with 60 minutes. In response to a question regarding his performance thus far, the President stated: "The issue here is not going be a list of accomplishments. As you said yourself, Steve, you know, I would put our … Continue reading The Obama Legacy: Framing the Historical Narrative

The Paul Surge, Pt. 2

Ron Paul is still surging. I have an article forthcoming in the next issue of The American Conservative forecasting the New Hampshire primary and the role that participants in the Free State Project and other libertarian activists may play therein. At the time I wrote the article, I made the fairly bold forecast that Paul … Continue reading The Paul Surge, Pt. 2

Extending the Payroll Tax Cut

The House seems ready to vote down the Senate bill extending the payroll tax cut for two months while requiring the President to decide on the Keystone XL oil pipeline within 60 days (see coverage here and here). The bill—apparently negotiated with the Speaker’s blessings—seemed to be a strategic coup. Passed (89-10) by a bipartisan … Continue reading Extending the Payroll Tax Cut