Bill Moyers – No Choir Boy

Interesting post on the Chronicle of Higher Education’s blog by one participant in the “skirmish” between Mark Bauerlein and Bill Moyers concerning the latter’s (well-known?) dirty tricks.  Here is one segment:

The skirmish began when I cited current discussions in early 2009 of a dirty trick Moyers had played while serving in LBJ’s administration, specifically, a search for any homosexual scandal among Barry Goldwater’s staff. The act certainly undermined Moyers’ persona as a figure of conscience and justice, a character he had successfully presented in many years of television work.

See here for the whole thing.  BTW, Moyers is yet another mark against PBS.

One thought on “Bill Moyers – No Choir Boy

  1. Bill Moyers represents the apex of Cultural Marxist tactics in America today. That is “do what I say,not what I do.” If you look back at the LBJ years Bill Moyers was one of the architects of the “Great Society” programs that we are stuck with today. Mr. Moyers has constantly pimped for the Washington Insiders and the One World Globalists. Yet,when confronted with his past he refuses to talk about it. My only option with Mr.Moyers is,when I see his face on PBS television programs I immediately change the channel. Bill Moyers represents what Mr.Lenin used to call useful idiots. He belongs in the dustbin of history.

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