2 thoughts on “I like Ross

  1. Electing a president is a popularity contest, which I don’t intend as a negative assessment of the process. John Kerry and Al Gore are plenty smart, and had accumulated significant political accomplishments by the time they ran for president, but even their most committed supporters found them unlikeable. Ronald Reagan, the most widely popular president of my adult life, was smart (perhaps more witty and clever than intellectual), had the right ideology, communicated well, and was personally a likeable fellow – even Tip O’Neil enjoyed hanging out with him.

    So smart is only one of many characteristics that help determine who becomes president. Personally speaking, I find both Gingrich and Obama unlikeable. They are condescending and aloof. In Gingrich I see a history of a lack of commitment to principle and political philosophy, too smart for his own good I might say. Obama is decidedly lacking in leadership ability – not because he doesn’t want to be a leader, it is simply that the more people get to know him, the less they choose to follow his lead.

    So, in the end I agree with Ross: being the smartest guy in the room, or on the ballot, just ain’t good enough.

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