The Ron Paul Surge?

Recent polls have Ron Paul at 19% in Iowa (where turnout is traditionally low) and 17% in New Hampshire (where turnout is usually very high). And I found this interesting:

Paul’s contact rate with voters is the only one that matches Romney’s, at 52 percent in New Hampshire. The rate at which his campaign is able to bring those likely voters into the fold is 22 percent, half that of Romney at 44 percent. “A lot of people aren’t giving him the press that he needs,” said Kristine Haase, 26, a customer service representative in rural New Hampshire. “There’s more people supporting him then they really know.”

7 thoughts on “The Ron Paul Surge?

  1. I’ve been a fan of Ron Paul since the 2008 race. I know he’s not perfect, but the only 2012 presidential signs I’ve seen in my central Wisconsin town are for Ron Paul.

  2. Disclosure: I am an inveterate, unrepentant Paultard.

    Something that most polls fail to reveal is the intensity of interest in Paul by those who favor Paul. Also, the Ron Paul organization never shut down after 2008 and has both depth and breadth. With such and organization, In Caucus states like Iowa, Paul has a huge advantage. In primary states, he can really get out the vote.

    The press will find it hard to ignore him after Iowa. The big question, in my mind, is what will the big shots at the national party level do in response if he pulls an upset in Iowa or New Hampshire.

  3. Winning Iowa looks to be in reach for Paul. Even though I’m currently a Johnson supporter (in ’08 I registered GOP to vote for Paul; I might vote for him again if Johnson and Huntsman stay mired in low single digits), I would love to see the media and party elite reaction to such an event.

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