Sticks and stones

Here is one difference between out-of-control Tea Partiers and out-of-control Occupiers.   The Tea Partiers throw (according to reports lacking some credibility)  racial epithets at politicans.  The Occupiers throw rocks and bottles at police (seen on film).

There is a certain irony inherent in protests from a group who, when it comes right down to it, want an even more coercive and redistributive government.  Even more ironic is their vilifying the public face of the government, namely the police trying to keep the peace (and protect the rights of those people who don’t think they have the right to occupy public or private property).  Here in America we do things differently: the pro-government people attack the police, the anti-government people respect them.  Weird.

But the troubling part of the story is not really that some yahoo throws racial epithets or rocks.  The troubling part is that the main stream media think the former is more serious than the latter.

4 thoughts on “Sticks and stones

  1. What percentage of this behavior difference is attributable to the relative difference in age of the participants rather than political ideology? Insurance companies know that kids under 25 aren’t to be trusted to behave rationally, an age that neuroscience has supported.

    1. Wow that’s a great point. I’m 24. I’m an MD. It’s a miracle I haven’t killed somebody yet. If you’re ever in need of medical care, feel free to contact my uncle. He’s 48, and I know he could use the money, since he’s always asking my grandmother for some. He’s also a big supporter of Occupy Wallstreet. It might be nice for you to have an “rational” adult conversation with him about how George Bush is personally responsible for Hurricane Katrina or Republicans are conspiring to take over the world and rape it for oil.

      1. You’re making composition errors. The data is well-established, but if you want to invest in a car insurance company that gives the same rates to 19 year olds as 45 year olds, be my guest.

  2. Hey stop hating on young people. I don’t throw anything at police. 🙂

    The media loves them because the media loves a story. Socialist revolutions are stories. Conservatives asking the government nicely to lower taxes makes for boring 9 o’clock news.

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