Note to Rangers Fans

What you are feeling now is kind of how it felt to be a Red Sox fan in 1986 after Game 7.  Of course, you’d have an even better sense if you had to previously endure selling Babe Ruth and watching the Yankees win about a hundred World Series*, 1946, 1967, 1975 (catcher interference!), 1978 (Bucky **** Dent), and lots of bad years and close calls in-between those moments of excruciating fan pain.

Nonetheless, you get my point – and I feel for you.  It will get better.  Even Sox fans got to eventually see them break the Curse.  Makes me almost want to root for the Rangers until they win the World Series.

* Slight exaggeration there.

6 thoughts on “Note to Rangers Fans

  1. I’m not a Rangers fan, but I was rooting for them. I hate St. Louis. The baseball team, not the city. The city’s great.

  2. I’ve been a phillies fan for decades and have suffered through many tough and disappointing seasons, 2011 included. The Cardinals beat the phillies fair and square in the opening round of 5 games,so you have to give the Cards some credit. It seems that this year,as with last year with the Giants,that everything came together at the right time for the Cardinals. The only thing you can say is the old cliche, “there’s always next year.”

  3. I was quite pleased with St. Louis’ victory. There’s nothing like a hustling team beating an egotistical one, or a Midwestern squad defeating a team from elsewhere. That said, I will continue to root for my beloved Tigers against all comers.

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