Sunday Morning Quotation – Ralf Bader on a Rights-Based Approach to Libertarianism

Ralf Bader is one of the brightest young lights in the classical liberal world and the discipline of philosophy.  For a relatively new assistant professor at NYU, Bader has already written a lot.  See the research tab here for some of his recent works.  Bader has also penned a concise and readable introduction to Robert Nozick’s thought that also manages to have substantive depth.  I recommend it highly.

In the Nozick book, Bader discusses a rights-based approach to libertarianism and concisely captures its virtue:

In short, adopting a rights-based approach allows us to give a more plausible, more appealing and more robust argument in favor of libertarianism that is not contingent on empirical facts and that cannot easily be avoided by invoking other values.

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