Another tyrant falls

Many libertarians opposed US involvement in the international effort to oust Gaddafi from power in Libya.  I was not one of that group, though I can see reasons for and against such interventions.

But in any case, we at Pileus ought to at least celebrate the downfall of brutal tyrants, wherever they may be.

So, I say, Good Riddance!

7 thoughts on “Another tyrant falls

  1. I have no love for despots but I would have liked to replace him with a government which will not institute shariah law and one which might restrict freedom even more than he did.

  2. In a vacuum, Sic semper tyrannis! So yes, Sven. But it gets trickier once you add context. The prudent statesman has to worry about what will come next when you help topple a dictator and whether that will be better/worse for your interests. And as Ivory notes above, you have to wonder what the fate of freedom – vice democracy or any other value – will be in Libya.

  3. Give the anti-Islamic rhetoric a day off fellas. Yes, an Islamic political groups are going to start assuming control over most of the Middle East (as opposed to the rapacious dictators the West has either installed or supported), but the climate is different now. People mostly just want to be left alone, and any abuses of political power that emerge from a religious regime are going to be panoptically seen online (one of the the reasons these dictators couldn’t maintain control in the first place). Few Muslims actually take the problematic bits and pieces of the Qur’an very seriously in the first place, in a very similar way that most Christians and Jews don’t take the extremist elements of the Old Testament very seriously (i.e., the stoning of homosexuals, the virtue of immaterialism, not eating shellfish, etc.). Jeez, in the U.S. you wouldn’t have snowball’s chance of hell in getting elected without a strong record of going to Church on Sundays, and despite some of the reactionary crap that comes out of that institution the country still manages to bobble along.

    There’s one less tyrant in the world. Go have a beer.

    1. I think you underestimate how important religion is to many people. A large percentage of even unaffiliated Jews won’t eat pork, just to demonstrate my general point. In any event I think that what you say holds true more for american Muslims than those back east. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Saudi Arabia but everyone takes the entire koran very seriously there, even if they have a far less objectionable understanding of the more controversial bits than some of our Guantanamo inmates.

      1. And I of course believe you overestimate it. I don’t see how your ‘point’ about Jewish people not eating pork does anything than prove my point: does society not function despite this…’not-eating’ of pork? What the hell are you talking about?

        But, hey, believe whatever you want — Ghaddafi had to go and whining about what ‘might’ happen in consequence is an unacceptable position for anyone to hold who poses to believe in ‘freedom’. It’s a good thing the American Revolutionaries didn’t live in fear of the unknown the way that you apparently do, or they might have called off the whole thing, wondering whether insane Baptists would take over the colonies after Independence.

  4. It’s funny how Ghaddafi is suddenly labled an Islamist. I was never a fan of his – he is, after all, a murderous dictator- but what is he be being replaced with? These aren’t angels sent from heaven to replace a dictatorship with a libertarian minarchy. They’re predominantly fighters, military leaders, and politicians who were fiercely loyal to him before he fell out of the public favor. They’re no more or less islamist than he was (although time may show them to be more nonetheless) and they’re certainly not inclined toward actual freedom, no matter how much John McCain says they are. You pick your poison with bloody coups, and you are rarely sure if you picked right from the outset. I suggest we hold off our celebration for about ten years to see how the powers that be in Libya align themselves.

    As a side point, I find it hard to celebrate when the people I’m being asked to celebrate with are dragging a man through a town square by his hair. I don’t care how bad of a person he is: it reflects very poorly on the people doing it.

  5. 1. Who’s calling Ghaddafi an Islamist?
    2. The rebels were PREDOMINANTLY “fiercely” loyal to Ghaddafi (before rebelling and killing him)? OR do you mean some folks switched camp last minute? Are you exaggerating? Just a little bit? You like Fox News, Abraham?
    3. Isn’t simply removing Ghaddafi better than not removing Ghaddafi? How long should people get the shit kicked out of them by a dictator before they snap? It’s a tough question, but being an American you feel totally entitled to be the judge of that, of course, having never fucking experienced it in your life.

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