Sunday Morning Quotation – Daniels on ObamaCare

Sorry to be late with this week’s quotation…

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels has a new book out titled Keeping the Republic: Saving America by Trusting Americans.  Books by sitting politicians are almost always terrible and not worth the pulping cost.  However, I’m eager to read this one since it isn’t about Daniels and doesn’t try to justify his policies in office – plus Daniels is far more thoughtful and well-read than most politicians.  Instead, Keeping the Republic is a philippic about our country’s current plight and an argument for how to save the republic from its many self-inflicted wounds.

Here is Daniels portraying ObamaCare as a Trojan horse (my words, not his) – something I’ve long suspected:

Even a confirmed skeptic of conspiracy theories could survey all of this [evidence from ObamaCare’s short history] and wonder if maybe all the chaos that Obamacare will bring was not fully foreseen and planned by its authors.  Unrepealed, Obamacare will unleash a headlong slide of more and more people into direct government-run health care, followed by millions more as smaller insurers are drive from the marketplace and the whole system turns into a highly-regulated utility, virtually indistinguishable from the single-payer system the proponents plainly wanted in the first place.

Skimming through the book only leads to more sadness that Daniels isn’t running for President.

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