One Upper, One Downer

1.  Good for you Slovakia.  Just say no to sovereign welfare!

2.  Depressing to think that the President for the next four years is probably going to be the current occupant or Mitt Romney.  If the latter, let’s just hope the political wind blows in the right direction.  Yes, he’ll be an upgrade on Obama but will he set back the freedom agenda?  I keep whispering to myself, “Remember the Court, Remember the Court” (which includes a huge assumption, right Mr. Souter?!).

One thought on “One Upper, One Downer

  1. Presidential campaigns are won just one state primary or caucus at a time. As I go through the states, I just don’t see him doing well in very many states save the west coast and the northeast. He will do well, only in states that Republicans don’t plan on carrying in the general election. Every where else he is toast.

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