Free at Last

Yes, I know, the market remains in the tank, jobless numbers are up, and the world economy looks like it is on the brink of recession 2.0.   But a week ago, we could begin smelling freedom in the air. As Grover Norquist and Patrick Gleason explain:

This year Cost of Government Day arrived Aug. 12 — meaning that the average American toiled 224 days to foot the bill for this year’s total cost of government. Of those 224 days, 103 went toward federal spending, and 44 days for state and local spending. The regulatory burden, coming in at $1.8 trillion, took up an additional 77 days of work….before President Barack Obama took office, Cost of Government Day never fell later than July 21.

Of course, the smell of freedom remains distant for residents of the fine state of Connecticut, where I live.

 As for residents of Connecticut, the state with the latest Cost of Government Day for the past two years running, they won’t finish paying their tab until next month – Sept. 10.

Given that when I moved to Connecticut (in 1989) there was no income tax, this is quite a achievement. Those of you who are not living in Connecticut should raise a glass to the principle of self-ownership and one properly braced, consider the annual Cost of Government Day report (available here).

Free at last, free at last…

2 thoughts on “Free at Last

  1. Stupid question. Every time I hear about the Cost of Government day the writers or commenters always phrase it as, “the average American toiled to . . .” But if, as I understand it, something like 47% of our population pays little or no federal income tax shouldn’t there by a qualifier somewhere in that phrase? Exactly how many Americans actually carry this burden?

  2. Wouldn’t that make the government 61% of the whole economy? 69% of the economy in Connecticut?

    What am I missing? Even by FOX’s calculations, the wealthy on average pay about 17% of their income on Federal income tax. That makes for 62 days paying for the Federal Govt. How do these figures relate?

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