Keynes and the Twilight Zone

As efforts continue to frame the debates over recovery, Paul Krugman discussed the merits of World War II and the potential benefits of an alien invasion on Fareed Zakaria’s GPS this past Sunday (video clip here).

Michael Pento (HuffPo) provides a useful critique. Money quote:

“the Keynesian economist’s favorite pastime is seeing people waste their lives digging holes in the ground or sacrifice their lives in war. Both acts create economic growth according to the topsy-turvy logic of men like Krugman.”

As efforts continue to frame the debate over recovery, Tim Cavanaugh (Reason) asks an important question: How Long Will it Take Keynes to Die?

2 thoughts on “Keynes and the Twilight Zone

  1. Keynes’ death will be slow and painful. It’s not easy to convince people that their towering edifice of society is constructed on foundations of toothpicks. People will fight the demise of Keynesianism tooth and nail as their dreams of a society in which all their basic needs are cared for by others slips through their fingers like a handful of sand.

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