Quote of the day

From Ross Douthat writing in the Times:

Imagine if the Democratic Party nominated a combination of Al Franken and Nancy Pelosi for the presidency, and you have a sense of the kind of gamble Republicans would be taking with Perry.

Douthat is trying to flatter Christie into running.  Now that would make for an interesting nomination race.

Perry Update: The latest Rasmussen poll shows Perry at 29%, Romney at 18%, and Bachmann at 13%.  They guy has good timing.

4 thoughts on “Quote of the day

  1. Granted. But the key point is whether the median voter in places like Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and New Hampshire will be so turned off by those cultural mannerisms that they will pull the lever for Obama.

  2. Winning the presidency is a two step process. You win the primaries by appealing to the various extremes in the base. After you consolidate those and win the nomination only then may you attempt to appeal to the uncommitted of both parties. You don’t win the nomination by steering to the middle of the road during primaries. Romney can’t win the primaries and the nominations because he is utterly incapable of appealing to the core constituencies in the Republican party. He starts off at the middle in the middle of the road and can’t get out of it. In Texas, we say there is only one thing in the middle of the road during primary season, dead armadillos.

  3. Interesting poll result, but I’d be wary of it. I did a dig through the Pollster.com archives to find that this was the result of a Gallup poll from August 13-16, 2007:

    Giuliani 32%
    Romney 14%
    McCain 11%
    Huckabee 4%
    Paul 3%
    Undecided 11%

    Obviously, some were omitted from the list on account of Pollster finding them uninteresting after they dropped out early, such as Fred Thompson, Sam Brownback, and Tom Tancredo.

    I’m not as bullish on Perry, who seems to be getting the media’s “new sensation” bump at the moment, as is the current consensus, but waiting is really the only way to resolve what will actually happen.

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