Elizabeth Price Foley on ObamaCare

Our fellow blogger Elizabeth Price Foley’s contribution to a symposium on ObamaCare: here.  The opening certainly suggests it is worth a complete read:

Health reform supporters have labeled lawsuits challenging its constitutionality as silly, frivolous, and purely political. To paraphrase Shakespeare’s Hamlet, methinks they doth protest too much.

Two lower federal courts – in Virginia and Florida – have ruled the law unconstitutional. While neither the Fourth nor Eleventh Circuits have yet issued their opinions, it seems likely that at least one – most likely the Eleventh Circuit – will agree, creating a circuit split upon which certiorari will be granted by the Supreme Court.  How the Court will rule is anyone’s guess, but a deeply divided Court would not be surprising, given the ideological gap that exists on two critical principles raised by these lawsuits:  limited government and federalism. These principles aren’t just quaint, outdated relics. They are designed to protect individual liberty by restraining government’s innate tendency toward ever-expanding power.

3 thoughts on “Elizabeth Price Foley on ObamaCare

  1. Social Security and Medicare,as they are now enforced, are probably both Unconstitutional,yet the courts have allowed these chain letters to stay in effect. The problem is that most people are forced into getting and using a Social Security number. There is no real law that says you have to have a Social Security number(in fact about 5% of the American public do not have a number),but there is a de facto law forcing people to be numbered . Just try and do anything in America without having a number,its very difficult. Once you get a number,then you are “volunteering” to become a ward of the State and come under the State’s jurisdiction. This is probably how Obamacare will play out. Either you play the game or you don’t work.

  2. I am yet to read a reasonable, non political rant, piece, on ObamaCare. I understand that some are philosophically against the idea of universal health care, fine. But if you tell me this bill is structured badly, then, surely, you should advocate an amendment.

  3. The welfare state in America has bankrupted the country both fiscally and morally The only answer is a complete and total dismantlement of the Federal Welfare State. This should be done over several years as to not pull the rug out from anyone who is dependent on the dole. The American people who live off their fellow citizens must learn how to be self responsible and self reliant and to stop living off of the fruits of other peoples labor. This goes for corporate welfare as well as personal welfare. There is no 3rd way,its either or. Its not about amending or finding the right “leadership.” It goes way beyond fixing,leading or amending. It is either bankruptcy,unsustainable economics, universal poverty,serfdom, and a police state or Liberty,prosperity and a legacy of freedom. Its Either Or. Obamacare goes down,by noncompliance or revolution. there is no other way. You can’t amend a disaster. End argument.

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