You are not worthy

Perhaps it is because I’m trying to whittle down a list of books for a class this Fall that won’t make all the students lynch me or drop the class, but I was amused by this professor’s approach:

Henry Liang, who teaches finance in English at Shanghai Maritime University, notified students on his personal blog last week that all course materials, including tests and PowerPoint presentations, would be in iPad format only. He then wrote: “If you cannot earn merely 4,000 yuan (U.S. $618.40) in the two-month summer vacation, you are not suitable to learn finance or be my students.”

Under pressure he backed off his demands.  He sounds like an arrogant jerk who students would be better off to avoid, but, in an age where we are all worried about upsetting our consumer-students, I admire his candor.

One thought on “You are not worthy

  1. I would distinguish between those who cannot EARN the money to buy an iPad and those who do not feel it is a worthwhile investment.

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