Can Liberals Count When It Comes to War?

In the last 24 hours alone I’ve seen two liberal sources – Bill Maher and the New York Times – note that we are paying for two expensive wars right now in the midst of our domestic economic woes.  At least in Maher’s case, the upshot is that this is bad for the United States and we should shift spending from prosecuting the two wars to domestic priorities.*  From the context, it is clear that they mean Iraq and Afghanistan.  Have they simply forgotten about Libya or are they buying the President’s difficult-to-defend notion (even for the government’s lawyers) that we aren’t at war there?  Are these anti-war liberals being partisan or just “misremembering” in order to deal with the cognitive dissonance of their hero starting a war while our cities supposedly crumble?  So, I count three wars with the third admittedly not as phenomenally expensive as the others but still pricey– so let’s not forget Libya.

* I agree that we need to reduce offense war defense funding (hard to call Iraq “defense”) but unlike Maher, I want to return the peace dividend to the people who created the wealth in the first place and not spend it on the pet government projects of politicians and commentators of either party.

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