Multiple Voting in Elections

At a recent Institute for Humane Studies conference, I had a bit of a debate with Bryan Caplan about the potential popularity of this proposal. In conjunction with this poll, which admittedly suffers from serious self-selection bias, I have another poll running on a non-political site. We’ll check back in a few days and see what the results show.

4 thoughts on “Multiple Voting in Elections

  1. jason,

    neville shute wrote a novel (in the wet?) in which he posited a multiple-vote system. a citizen could have up to 7 votes. as i recall they accumulated as follows:
    1. as a result of being a citizen (everyone has at least one vote)
    2. being a taxpayer
    3. serving in the military (if u put ur life on the line….)
    4. getting a college degree (altho novel was written when fewer than 10% had college degrees, so i’d up the ante)
    5. earning your living (not a student on a scholarship or w/ parental support) abroad for at least two years. if you knew how another society coped (or didn’t), u presumably cast a smarter ballot.
    6. getting married and staying married until the kids were 16 or 18 (to promote stable families)
    7 the seventh vote was like congressional medal of honor; it was awarded for meritorious service.

    of course you could earn #7 without having earned, e.g., #3 or #6.

    if you don’t know it, you sd check out thomas clark durant’s thesis at george mason about multiple voting. it’s discussed at his blog, spirit of moderation.

    kind regards, peter

  2. I don’t trust experts, so the college premium is not attractive. But I would weight votes based on taxes paid. As taxpayers reduced taxes, they’d lose voting power so you’d get a nice equilibrium.

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