The Last Days of Public School

My son on his day in public school:

We got to watch videos all day and no learning.

As you might guess, I was thrilled to hear this.  Perhaps he should testify in front of the legislature when teachers claim they are overworked and underpaid?  And I supposedly live in a district with excellent schools!  I know this is one data point, but still.  I really wish there was an affordable private school or Catholic school alternative where I live!  So, hey legislators, how about school choice and a voucher?

4 thoughts on “The Last Days of Public School

  1. It is received wisdom that public schools take time off from learning at the end of the year. Are you surprised to find this out, really? Do you think it only happens at the end of the year? How about the Friday before school vacation week? The day before Christmas break?

    One solution could be school choice, enabled by vouchers. Another could be the retirement of mandatory school days (180 is the number where I live). And yet another could be the abolition of tenure for teachers and the instituting of merit evaluations.

  2. My children are well past school age, and both attended public schools, but we never hesitated to take them out of school for important family events, but rarely ever did so. We believed that pulling them out willy-nilly, for family vacations and such, sent the wrong message about the importance of school.

    I would try to comfort you with the knowledge, from my experience, that the ultimate effectiveness of schooling is determined more by the student and his parents than the school.

  3. Just FYI. Even that Catholic or Protestant school you yearn for may disappoint. We gladly paid for Catholic school tuition after returning stateside, only to find our tuition money did not provide customer satisfaction. The level of progressive “rot” (climate change and all) was so high, and the micromanagement of family life was also ridiculous (reading logs and so on).

    More and more I have to wonder: are they forcing us to homeschoool?

    good luck with yours

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