Socialism in One State

Vermont has passed a law authorizing a single-payer, government-run health insurance system. Apparently the plan fails to grasp the fiscal nettle and thus may never come to fruition. Nevertheless, I hope they go forward with it. I don’t think it will work – to the contrary, the experiment should serve as an object lesson to the rest of the country. But we are only going to get a ceasefire on health insurance at the federal level if PPACA can be repealed and the left comes to realize that they can try out their cockamamie schemes at the state level, so why not let those crazy libertarians do the same?

One thought on “Socialism in One State

  1. Like MA, it will probably do OK because it will draw in federal money to subsidize its losses. However, the federal government will not be able to do the same thing for a federal single payer plan.

    I read the article you link to. The MA academic suggests that big businesses like Wal Mart will now open up in VT to see if they can cut health care costs. I don’t think so and I certainly don’t think Vermonters are going to embrace Wal Mart coming into their state.

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